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    FAA certified manufacturer of retro-reflective runway, taxiway, and heliport lighting. One hundred percent environmentally friendly our technology is preferred and used by armed forces, government, civil and commercial operators worldwide. Our technology requires no maintenance and no access to the electrical grid. Used as primary or backup lighting and landing systems. We also specialize in the design and manufacturing of special application products...

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    Our unique products are used all around the world in numerous implementations. Armed forces looking to deploy a heliport in minutes to Emergency medical services saving lives on the freeway. Our unique products save lives everyday.

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    Reginald Bennett International is leading the way in green aviation. Our innovative products are designed with the environment in mind. Our products require NO access to the electrical grid. Saving you money, saving our environment. Look for the green certified product logo.

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    RBI's patented products are attracting a lot of attention, our patented technology combined with cutting edge science is leading the development of sustainable aviation technology.




  • A heliport in a box! The HELP system can be rapidly deployed to ensure a safe landing every time, ideal for EMS and Armed Forces.